Torchbeam T5

This is the series of LED headlight bulbs that combines excellent quality, and durable materials, and is one of the most popular LED series in the whole lineup of lighting products Torchbeam. T5 LED headlight bulbs are extremely bright and provide 500% more light than regular halogen bulbs. People who have purchased Torchbeam LED bulbs say that they have noticed the difference between them and their stock bulbs not only in terms of brightness but also because they liked the perfectly focused beam pattern. These bulbs do not blind the oncoming traffic and provide noticeably better visibility at night.

Why Buy T5 LEDs?

We are proud to say, that there are many great reviews and detailed videos by people who purchased these LEDs from Torchbeam. Having asked them why they selected T5 LEDs for their headlights, the majority said that they value the combination of reliability, brightness, and affordability. Besides, they really noticed the differences in the beam pattern.

Many car owners decide to upgrade both high and low beams to LED, and that’s where the best Torchbeam offers start. When someone purchases a set of 4 bulbs, they get a combo price offer: 2 sets with a discount of over 20%. This discount can differ, so when there is a holiday season or Black Friday coming soon, the price can be even more affordable.

What makes Trochbeam T5 LEDs special?

Here are some key aspects that will tell you more about the technical side of T5 LED bulbs. See, why this product is worth considering if you are looking to improve safety when driving at night.

  • Advanced LED chips. T5 LED bulbs by Torchbeam feature advanced LED chips that provide over 500% brightness, compared to the stock halogen bulbs. T5 bulbs feature a 6.500K color temperature, which is very close to daylight. The advanced optics provides enhanced visibility for safe driving at night.
  • Easy installation. T5 LED bulbs feature a simple construction, which is one of their key benefits. These LED conversion bulbs feature a non-polarity plug-and-play design, which makes them compact and easy to install. When you get access to the car headlights, the new bulbs are normally installed just in minutes. You do not need any special tools to make these bulbs work on your vehicle, as they directly plug into your vehicle’s housing and start operating. Plus, you do not have to cut into the wiring of your vehicle.
  • Compact Design. T5 LED is ⅓ smaller than the other similar LEDs on the market, and that’s what makes this bulb truly special and easy to install. It is small enough to fit almost any light bulb housing and has enough space to operate in any headlight assembly it is compatible with.
  • No dangerous glare. Some bright LED bulbs do not focus on the headlight assembly properly. As a result, they can produce dangerous glare that blinds the oncoming traffic. Even though T5 TorchBeam LED bulbs are much brighter than regular halogen bulbs, they feature a perfect beam pattern. It is directed to the road, but not into someone’s eyes.
  • Efficient cooling. When it comes to the best cooling units on modern LED bulbs, as a rule, we are talking about turbo fans. That’s exactly what you see in the T5 bulbs. The faster fan rotates, the better it eliminates heat. The material the light bulb is made of is also important. Some materials cool down quicker and are more effective in terms of cooling, compared to the other ones. T5 LEDs by TorchBeam feature turbo fans that rotate at 12,000 RPM. The combination of advanced heat distribution and a powerful turbo fan ensures a 300% more effective cooling effect, compared to the other LED bulbs.
  • Lasting operation. T5 LED bulbs are guaranteed to last over 50.000 hours of illumination without losing brightness. These LEDs were tested by specialists at TorchBeam, as well as by other professionals to claim that this lifespan is really 50.000 hours. In case the bulbs last less, they can be replaced under the manufacturer’s warranty. However, the bulbs are unlikely to fail.

What else do you need to know about T5 LEDs by Torchbeam?

These light bulbs were created to meet the basic rule of the company. It is about creating quality yet affordable products to bring satisfaction and extra safety to American car owners. The combination of reasonable price and high quality has attracted thousands of car owners all over the globe to purchase LED conversion kits for their vehicles and enjoy their investment.