TorchBeam Headlights

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Many car owners feel that halogen headlight bulbs may be somewhat dim, or yellowish. That’s why many Americans convert their headlights to LED in order to benefit from brighter and more lasting light bulbs. Torchbeam LED bulbs are proven to enhance visibility at night and improve your driving experience. Built with precision in mind, LED bulbs by Torchbeam are guaranteed to last for years and provide outstanding performance.

Are you looking for quality and bright LED headlight bulbs? Well, you’ve just found them!

Torchbeam offers a variety of products for headlights, fog lights, and interior car lighting. If you want to convert high and low-beam bulbs to LED, consider purchasing a pack of 4. This is a cost-effective solution that you will definitely like. There is always a better price if you pick a set of 4 bulbs in one package.

Why buy Torchbeam?

Not sure, whether you want a set of Torchbeam LED bulbs for your car, truck, or SUV? Here are 5 good reasons to purchase a set of these LEDs.

  • LEDs are more than 400% brighter, compared to regular halogen bulbs.
  • LEDs by TorchBeam last over 50.000 hours, while a regular halogen bulb will hardly last more, than 1.000 hours.
  • Torchbeam LED bulbs do not have a glass capsule, tungsten, or other fragile elements. So, you cannot break them.
  • The cooling units of Torchbeam bulbs feature advanced heat-eliminating technology, which ensures safe operation.
  • Advanced LED chips provide clean white light, that ensures a safe drive at night.

Featured Products

T5 - the most advanced

T2 - the most popular

T6 - New LED bulbs


Torchbeam T2

Torchbeam T5

Torchbeam T6

Key feature

the most popular product by Torchbeam

the best combo of LED bulbs for high and low beams

the smallest and newest LED by Torchbeam with 1.06-inch diameter base

Technical details

- no external driver;

- plug-and-play installation;

- error-free operation;

- non-polarity design.

- built-in driver;

- 6063 aluminum body;

- 50 W.

- no external driver;

- copper board and an aviation-grade aluminum body;

- 60 W;

- non-polarity design.

Brightness compared to halogen bulbs




Color temperature

6500 K

6500 K

6500 K

Luminous flux

16.000 lm

20.000 lm

18.000 lm

Light ray distance

492 ft

542 ft

530 ft

Waterproof level





50.000 hours

50.000 hours

50.000 hours

Cooling unit (turbofan) speed

10.000 RPM

12.000 RPM

10.000 RPM