TorchBeam H9 LED Bulbs

When shopping for LED bulbs for your vehicle, it is crucial to determine what bulb size you need. You can check the owner’s manual to look up this information. Alternatively, you can use any good bulb size lookup. We like a bulb-size lookup by Sylvania, but you can use any good online resource. Pay attention, that these online bulb size lookup tools show only the bulb sizes for stock headlight assemblies. This means that you will not find information about aftermarket headlight bulb sizes there.

If your vehicle is equipped with aftermarket headlights, you can get the information about the bulb sizes the lights take on the manufacturer’s website or on the box that you got these lights in. Alternatively, you can pop the hood and check what bulb size is written on the back side of your headlight assembly.

T2 Series

If you are looking for simple, bright and affordable H9 LED bulbs for your car, truck or SUV, pay attention to T2 headlight bulbs by Torchbeam. These bulbs are crafted to last and withstand the most severe weather conditions, including frost, humidity, and extreme heat. These headlight bulbs are 400% brighter than your stock headlight bulbs. Installation is just plug-and-play, as these H9 LEDs do not have that external driver and do not require any wiring.

TorchBeam H9 (T2 Series)

The most popular product by Torchbeam

  • Color temperature 6500 K

  • Luminous flux 16.000 lm

  • Lifespan 50.000 hours

T2 H9 LED bulbs are the most popular LED bulbs by Torchbeam, as they have been on the market for several years, and millions of people from all over the world have already tried these bulbs in their vehicles.

T4 Series

If you are looking for an advanced alternative to your factory halogen headlights, pay attention to the T4 H9 LED bulbs. These headlight bulbs feature almost the same characteristics as the T2 LEDs. The key difference is the LED chip they have. The brightness, however, is the same. T4 H9 LED bulbs are 300% brighter than halogen headlight bulbs.

TorchBeam H9 (T4 Series)

Plug-and-play installation, error-free operation

  • Color temperature 6500 K

  • Luminous flux 20.000 lm

  • Lifespan 50.000 hours

Because of the precise 1:1 design, these bulbs focus perfectly on the headlight assemblies and create an even light beam, that does not blind the oncoming traffic. Installation for these bulbs is just plug-and-play, so you do not have to alter your headlights or deal with complicated wiring.

T5 Series

If you are looking for highly bright LED bulbs at an affordable price, check out T5 H9 LED by Torchbeam. These bulbs are 500% brighter than regular halogen bulbs. They do not feature an external ballast or extra wiring, so the installation is plug-and-play. Besides, T5 H9 Torchbeam bulbs feature a non-polarity design. This means that you do not have to spend your time and figure out where the plus and minus are.

TorchBeam H9 (T5 Series)

Best combo of LED bulbs for high and low beams

  • Color temperature 6500 K

  • Luminous flux 20.000 lm

  • Lifespan 50.000 hours

Regardless of the polarity, your bulbs will work and last. If you are looking for a set of 4 LED bulbs that will work for the high and low beams, check out sets of 4 bulbs that contain H9 bulbs along with 2 bulbs of the other bulb size you need.

T6 Series

T6 H9 LED bulbs are the newest edition of headlight bulbs for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Besides, these are the brightest LED bulbs by Torchbeam as of 2023. They are 600% brighter than regular halogen bulbs. The width and length of the H9 LED bulb is the same as the dimensions of the stock H9 bulb. This allows precise focusing in the headlight assembly and avoids creating that dangerous glare. If you are looking for the most upscale H9 LED headlight bulbs by Torchbeam, you should definitely pick T6.

TorchBeam H9 (T6 Series)

The smallest and newest LED by Torchbeam with a 1.06-inch diameter base

  • Color temperature 6500 K

  • Luminous flux 18.000 lm

  • Lifespan 50.000 hours

Also, we recommend paying attention to the combo options (sets that include 4 LED bulbs). When purchasing 4 LED bulbs, you are getting a special offer and discounted price.